Flicktweets: Social Media for Film Buffs


MRQE, the biggest, most comprehensive movie database you’ve never heard of (which has actually been around since the beginnings of the web when the only browser was called Mosaic), just launched a new service called Flicktweets, which lets you bypass all the reviews and trailers and get right to the on-the-ground, real-time film buzz via Twitter. Tapping into the massive ongoing chatter of a bazillion daily tweets, they’ve figured out how to make sense out of it all, matching and grouping posts around specific film titles. They’ve also just released it as an iPhone app, which is where it excels. For when there’s no time for reading complete sentences and you just want the instant, visceral reaction… great, sucks, or meh. Let’s try it with a few titles listed on Flavorpill, for which we’ve labored over that old art form of grammatically correct reviews.

Exit Through the Gift ShopFlicktweets | Flavorpill

ChloeFlicktweets | Flavorpill

Coco Before ChanelFlicktweets | Flavorpill And for those of you wandering aimlessly through the Tribeca Film Festival this week, meet your new best friend.