Rate-a-Trailer: Jonah Hex


At long last the trailer for Jonah Hex (aka the Josh Brolin/Megan Fox cowboy-with-superpowers movie) has been released. And let us tell you, it’s 2 minutes and 30 seconds of shoot ’em up and blow ’em up heaven. That is, if your idea of heaven is lots of explosions and a corseted, Southern-accented Megan Fox who apparently keeps a Derringer in her bustle. Of course she does. The trailer begins with a creepy twist, but we’ll consider the graphic crow imagery a throwback to the film’s comic book roots. If nothing else, it looks waaaay better than Wild Wild West, though in terms of old-timey outlaw flicks, we’d rather save our collective breath for a Deadwood resurrection. Peep the trailer after the jump and let us know if it’s on your must-see or must-avoid list for the summer.

Jonah Hex is in theaters nationwide on June 18.