Beyoncé’s “Why Don’t You Love Me”: Are Music Video Previews Necessary?


Looks like Beyoncé will be cute as a button in the video for her single “Why Don’t You Love Me.” Dressed as a ’50s-style car mechanic/supervixen, the diva prances through a preview for the clip looking every bit the retro pinup. We learn that she’s playing a character called “B. B. Homemaker.” And while we’re fans of the singer and are pretty excited about the grainy, lo-fi, Super 8 feel of the 37 seconds of footage she’s released, we just can’t get our minds around why we now need previews for music videos.

Fresh off the success of the epic, wildly-viewed video for “Telephone,” her duet with Lady Gaga, it makes sense that B. is looking to milk online hype for all it’s worth. And perhaps she really needs that momentum behind a single that is really just a bonus track for a re-release of 2008’s I Am… Sasha Fierce. But we can’t help seeing music video previews as a slippery slope — not to mention kind of a time suck at a moment when the Internet abounds with all kinds of free music videos, new and old. What’s next? Previews for commercials?

Check out the preview below and let us know whether it was worth the time it took you to watch it.