The Leaked Lost Finale Script: Is It Real?


In its final season, Lost has seen more leaks than, well… Apple. We saw the season premiere shamefully early, and Gawker recently got its hands on what seems to be a copy of the series finale’s call sheet. But the security breaches don’t end there. Now, it appears that six pages of screenplay from the show’s final episode have ended up in the hands of… an Italian website called Macchianera? Um, sure. Why not? And because we can’t resist our curiosity about how Lost will end (not to mention dubious that the writers will manage a satisfactory resolution, given how few episodes they have left), we’re going to peruse the script, compare it with Gawker’s call sheet, and decide whether we think it’s real or not. Just in case these pages do turn out to be the genuine article, consider yourself spoiler-warned.

Characters that appear in the screenplay: Sawyer, Locke, Ben, Bernard, Rose, Vincent (the dog)

Characters that appear on the call sheet: Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Desmond, Ben, Hurley

Pertinent events in the screenplay: Sawyer comes to rescue Desmond from the well; Ben finds him and threatens him with a gun; Locke (or, we assume, Mocke) has also come to find Desmond, to get his help destroying the island. He reveals that he plans to sail away from island, leaving Jacob’s candidates on it as it sinks. Sawyer fakes Ben out, grabs his gun and runs away, but not before revealing that he and his friends are no longer “candidates.” Later in the episode, Desmond and (of all people) Rose and Bernard are hanging out at the couple’s shipwreck-chic island cabin. They tell Desmond that they usually don’t interfere in the island’s conflicts, but “a man trapped in a well… that’s a special circumstance.” Then we see that an armed Locke (with a silent Ben in tow) has followed Vincent the dog from the jungle. Desmond agrees to go with Locke in exchange for Locke’s agreement that he’ll never harm Bernard or Rose.

Pertinent events on the call sheet: Jack is in a cavern, which is also, it seems, hell. Just about everyone (except, notably, Sawyer) on the call sheet gets lowered down a waterfall. Gawker notes that the skeletons on the prop list could be Adam and Eve from waaaay back in the early days of the show. And Sawyer, in what is probably one of this season’s “flash sideways,” appears in the locker room of a police station.

Our verdict: Obviously, the call sheet and the screenplay don’t match exactly. That’s fine: They could certainly be two different pieces of the same puzzle. The character lists are similar enough to make sense. (We have to wonder, though: Producers, will there really be no ladies in this finale? Really?) And the events, sketchy as the details on the call sheet are, don’t seem to contradict one another. It would make sense that Desmond is cooperating with Ben and Locke if the scene on the call sheet takes place after the moment when they capture him. So we’re going to go on record that these two documents are, at least in part, real. But we’re also betting that the producers still may have some last-minute changes (or just plain tricks) up their crafty sleeves.

Predictions: Both the script and the call sheet have us thinking that we’re in for an everybody-against-Sawyer finale. And we had kind of suspected that might happen. We aren’t sure he’s really hero material, but at this point, we’d be glad to see anyone but Jack come out on top.

Read the (supposedly) leaked pages here [via i09] and take a glimpse at the call sheet at Gawker.