The Followables: 10 Comedians You Should Follow on Twitter


The world of Twitter can be hard to navigate. We know that you’re already following us @flavorpill, but we decided it would be fun (and possibly helpful) if we rounded up some of our other Twitter favorites in a series we call “The Followables.” This sixth installment of Twitter all-stars spotlights the tweeting comedians who we love. Do us a favor and leave a comment with anyone who you enjoy who didn’t make our list.


Who: Kristen Schaal, stand-up comedian and Flight of the Conchords cast member

Why: Because her tweets are as cryptic, silly, and intriguing as her act. And because we’re fairly convinced she never plays it straight.


Who: Patton Oswalt, actor, stand-up comedian, United States of Tara cast member

Why: Because he’s new in town, and he’s already bringing the self-deprecating funnies! While comedians were among the first group to seriously take to Twitter, Oswalt held out until last weekend.


Who: Russell Brand, flamboyant British comedian, author, and budding Judd Apatow star

Why: He is as culturally literate as he is hysterical, referencing Shepard Fairey and having conversations with David Lynch.


Who: Michael Ian Black, star of too many cable TV comedy series to name

Why: We get the idea that he has a fairly regular life. So we can relate to him, but his observations about daily things are way funnier than ours.


Who: Brian Posehn, co-star of The Sarah Silverman Program

Why: He is like our stoner, punk- and metal-fan older brother. You know, if we had one and he actually made us laugh.


Who: Sarah Silverman, controversial comedian, TV star, and author

Why: Because, just like in her comedy act, Sarah Silverman is never afraid to go there.


Who: Aziz Ansari, member of sketch comedy greats Human Giant and co-star of NBC’s Parks and Recreation

Why: Because he shares our ’80s and ’90s pop-culture frame of reference and isn’t afraid to geek out.


Who: Mindy Kaling, co-star of The Office

Why: Because we can imagine most of her tweets as fully-formed jokes that would work in a stand-up act.


Who: Comedian and actor Rob Corddry, best known for his stint on The Daily Show and his recent movie-star turn in Hot Tub Time Machine

Why: Because for Corddry, sarcasm is a fine art.


Who: Craig Ferguson, host of CBS’ Late Late Show

Why: Because we love him almost as much as his late-night colleague, Conan O’Brien, but he has a mere fraction of his red-haired competitor’s Twitter following.