Another Reason to See Iron Man 2: J.J. Abrams’ Secret Trailer


Remember when you went to see Transformers only to have the experience totally eclipsed by what you didn’t realize at the time was a teaser for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming thriller Cloverfield? Well, prepare to have it happen again this weekend. According to Collider, a surprise trailer for Super 8 — a film which Abrams hasn’t even begun shooting yet — will screen in theaters this weekend before Iron Man 2.

We find it interesting that Abrams is choosing to go this route again; it felt like Cloverfield (which we thought was good, but only got a so-so reception from both audiences and critics) never stood a chance of living up to its original teaser. That said, as Collider points out, Cloverfield set a box office record in its opening weekend, taking in more than it would for the rest of its run in theaters. So maybe that’s why.