The Best Star Wars Day Links


Today is Star Wars Day. Why? Because “May the Force be with you” sounds a lot like “May the Fourth be with you.” While there is still some contention as to whether today should be the officially recognized Star Wars Day versus the release date of the original film (May 25), that hasn’t stopped many fans from celebrating in their own way. From devout supporters attempting to make the Jedi church official to Star Wars-themed weddings, each year fans find new and crazy ways to pay homage. After the jump, a roundup of some of the best things we’ve come across today.

Birds Sing “The Imperial March”

Fantastic! This is a series of videos of different birds singing/whistling “The Imperial March.” We can’t begin to imagine how much work it took to get these birds to sing this particular song. In fact, we’re just surprised that so many different birds were trained to sing it. [via Urlesque]

JibJab Star Wars

Famed internet entertainment studio JibJab has released a new flash video that allows the viewer to insert a head shot into The Empire Strikes Back. There are three videos in total, but only one of them is free — you have to sign up at JibJab to see the other two. [via WaPo]

Star Wars GPS voices

TomTom has just released new options for their GPS services that will allow you to have directions spoken to you by the voices of Star Wars characters. While it’s currently available only in Europe with Darth Vader’s voice, Han Solo, C-3PO, and Yoda should be available this summer. Come stateside soon, we hope. [via Crunch Gear]

14 Star Wars Tattoos

Now here’s one dedicated Star Wars fan: In just five years, Luke Kaye has had 14 different Star Wars images tattooed on his back, arms, and legs. His girlfriend doesn’t approve, but we sure do. [via The Daily Mail]

Lego Star Wars Trilogy in 2 Minutes

In just two minutes, this Lego-themed, child-narrated video chronicles the entire Star Wars Trilogy. It’s a humorous run through of all the major plot points — including Admiral Ackbar’s infamous “It’s a Trap!” scene. [via Wired]

List of Little Known Star Wars Facts

Ever wonder why Storm Troopers are all left handed or where the sound Tuskan Raiders made originated? So did we! These answers and more in this fact roundup by Stuck in the ’80s blogger Steve Spears. [via Tampa Bay]