Is “Why Don’t You Love Me” Beyoncé’s Hottest Music Video Yet?


We may have hated on Monday’s unnecessary trailer for “Why Don’t You Love Me,” the Beyoncé video that premiered yesterday. And while we haven’t changed our opinion on that, we are pretty in love with the full-length version, featuring our girl as B.B. Homemaker, a long-suffering mid-century housewife with a soft spot for skimpy outfits.

In fact, it occurred to us that “Why Don’t You Love Me” may just be Beyoncé’s best music-video look yet. To find out, we’ve compared the diva’s sexy, iconic turns in her most popular videos, from “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name” to “Single Ladies” and “Telephone,” to determine our favorite of her many inspired styles. Watch “Why Don’t You Love Me” and revisit some of B.’s most influential fashion statements after the jump.

“Bills, Bills, Bills”- Beyoncé as futuristic hairdresser

Hot factor: 6Iconic factor: 3Total score: 9

“Say My Name”- Beyoncé as monochromatic tough girl

Hot factor: 5Iconic factor: 2Total score: 7

“Bootylicious”- Beyoncé as pimp

Hot factor: 6 (This number would have been higher if not for the gold teeth.)Iconic factor: 8 (including some serious points for camp)Total score: 14

“Crazy in Love”- Beyoncé as Jay-Z’s dream girl

Hot factor: 9Iconic factor: 7Total score: 16

“Irreplaceable”- Heartbroken (but still pretty) Beyoncé

Hot factor: 6Iconic factor: 2Total score: 8

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”- Beyoncé as Bob Fosse chorus girl

Hot factor: 10Iconic factor: 10Total score: 20

“Telephone”- Beyoncé as Lady Gaga’s Russ Meyer-referencing partner in crime

Hot factor: 9Iconic factor: 6 (because everyone looks like less distinctive next to Gaga)Total score: 15

“Why Don’t You Love Me”- Beyoncé as desperate ’50s housewife pinup

Hot factor: 10Iconic factor: 9Total score: 19

Winner: It’s still “Single Ladies,” by a hair. But “Why Don’t You Love Me” certainly comes close. Watch the full video below.