25 Pickup Lines to Use on New Apple-Fan Dating Site Cupidtino


There’s a dating site for everything these days, so why not Apple fans? Ever since Steve Jobs lashed out at Adobe and the company announced it would be shutting down Lala, they (and by that we, like all other media types, also mean “we”) are practically a persecuted minority. Enter Cupidtino, the brand-new online portal for design-minded geeks who are better than everyone else. We’re so inspired by it that we’ve brainstormed 25 pickup lines to use on the Mac lover of your dreams. Add to it in the comments if you’re so inclined.

“Want to listen to my iTunes hookup playlist?”

“I like my men like I like my MacBooks: smooth, white, and easy to carry around.”

“My iPod’s a shuffle, but it’s no nano.”

“Your ex-boyfriend was a MacBook. Time to upgrade to a MacBook Pro.”

“Renounce Adobe forever and I’ll Flash you.”

“I have designs on your graphics.”

“Forget phone sex. Have you ever had iPhone sex?”

“If the way you make me feel were an iPhone app, it would get banned from the store.”

“Girl, you’re more precious than a 3G iPad on April 30.”

“You got me more excited than an Apple geek at Macworld.”

“Is your daddy Steve Jobs? ‘Cause your case is lookin’ finer than a new MacBook Pro’s.”

“Can I buy you a drink at the Genius Bar?”

“If you show me your apps, I’ll show you mine.”

“Touch pads always put me in the mood.”

“Want to test my shake function?”

“I’m looking for someone to share my upper-middle-class, overeducated, freelance-creative-type lifestyle.”

“I bet you know just what to do with a girl’s click wheel.”

“I can’t wait to upload your iPod to my MacBook.”

“Once you go Mac, you never go back.”

“I can go all night without getting Microsoft.”

“When you touch me, the connection between us is like Firewire.”

“You make me overheat like the battery on a defective iBook G4.”

“You make me want to license your laptop to play my iTunes library.”

“Are you into role playing? You be the iPad, I’ll be Steve.”

“Baby, I’m all the AppleCare you’ll ever need.”