Did Kelly Clarkson Rip Off Arcade Fire?


In a world where we have artists like Girl Talk, it’s hard to take plagiarism accusations between musicians as seriously as we once might have. (Except for that guy who ripped off the White Stripes for the Air Force Super Bowl ad. That was impossible to write off as “inspired by.”) But that doesn’t stop them from rolling in. The latest: Kelly Clarkson is being accused of ripping of Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)” in a newly-leaked demo for “Naked Eye.”

When Vulture’s Edith Zimmerman first drew a comparison between the two yesterday, we’re embarrassed to admit that we couldn’t hear it. Then our helpful music editor Judy Berman pointed out that the songs share a very similar drum beat. She also copped to liking Kelly’s version better. We experienced a quarterlife crisis around the same time that Funeral came out, so we’re on Team Fire.

Listen below and let us know if you think the songs are just “awfully similar” or if this is a case of what some are calling “BLATANT PILLAGING.”

“Naked Eye” ytaudio(LMjpTRpNDKo)

“Rebellion (Lies)” ytaudio(NNfWC4Sgkcs)