Sony – The Art Of Panoramic Shooting


Last month we put out an open call for a few good photojournalists because our friends at Sony® wanted to hook up four lucky readers (one in each of our cities: NYC, LA, CHI, and SF) with a brand-new Sony® Cyber-shot® TX7 camera. This camera is particularly good for capturing sweeping crowd shots and panoramic views — thanks to its special iSweep Panorama mode — which makes it perfect for capturing footage at live events.

Want proof? Winners in each city were given an itinerary (and free tickets) from our editors; click through to view the best pics from their first day on the job.

New York: Eleanor Oakes at Sakura Matsuri 2010 “This festival is your chance to pose for a vintage kimono photo-op or a cosplay portrait, partake in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, or listen to Japanese gypsy rock, as the Botanic Garden opens its lush gardens to present the very best of Japanese culture, both traditional and contemporary. Butoh dance is showcased alongside offerings of J-pop culture, bonsai arranging alongside Okinawan pop, and competitive costume creation (Japanese Project Runway?) alongside Taiko drumming.”

Los Angeles: Evan Dumouchel at LA Modernism “If you’ve ever wondered how to use ‘this’ to make ‘that,’ you understand one of the major concepts of the show. For example, ‘Could I take a pile of cinder blocks and make a recliner? Would it be possible to melt down that fence next to my driveway and create a dining room set?’ Yes! Beyond (and sometimes including) the impractical, there were truly some beautiful and innovative pieces filling the hanger, and a gorgeous collection of vintage posters large enough to cover a hanger wall.”

San Francisco: Megan Costello at Rogue Wave “Hot off a national tour, Rogue Wave and Man/Miracle graced the stage of the legendary Fillmore Theatre. Man/Miracle, a Bay Area band, took the stage with more force than I’ve seen them with in the past, showing no signs of tour exhaustion. After they warmed up the crowd (and a few members of Rogue Wave, who joined them in their last song), Rogue Wave crooned their way into the hearts of everyone in the venue.”

Chicago: Michelle Gantner at ART Chicago “I went to was ART Chicago, which was held at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. It’s an international art fair where artists and art galleries show works from all over the world.”

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