Apathy in the UK: Billbored’s Election Day Protest Art


Happy election day to our British readers! While we admit that we could be a bit better versed in UK politics than we are (yes, all the ugly American rumors you hear are true), we are very excited about an election-related public art project that’s been lighting up the streets of London for the past week. Billbored, which describes itself as “a viral art initiative aiming to empower people” has solicited politically oriented billboard designs from artists, designers, and other cultural figures — including M.I.A. For those of us who won’t get to see the images projected on the Tate Modern, St. Paul’s Cathedral, or the Saatchi Gallery, Billbored has kindly posted them at its website. Check out M.I.A.’s designs and five more of our favorites after the jump.

by M.I.A.

by Curly Mark

by Stuart Semple

by Robbie Lockie and Julian Panico. (Don’t get the color references? This guide will either enlighten you or confuse you more.)

by Erin Newell

by Jonathan Velaradi

See the rest at Billbored. [via Pitchfork]