10 Muppets and Their Lost Counterparts


Today, the Muppets realized every Lostie’s dream: They crashed the show’s offices and got to ask creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse a question. This collision of worlds got us thinking: Lost and the Muppets aren’t really so different. In fact, some of the characters kind of remind us of each other. After the jump, watch the video to see if the wily producers revealed any secrets and let us know how you feel about the uncanny Muppet-Lost parallels we’ve drawn.

Locke: Cookie Monster Driven by a singular purpose (we prefer Cookie’s to Locke’s) and sometimes so cryptic as to be incomprehensible.

Jack: Kermit Righteous and well-intentioned protagonists who are often foiled in their quests for heroism.

Kate: Elmo These characters think they’re adorable, but actually they just annoy the crap out of us.

Jin: Grover Sure, they may not have a perfect grasp on the English language. But who can deny their basic likability (well, once Jin got over that spousal psychological abuse business).

Sun: Miss Piggy While this may seem a pejorative comparison, we are big fans of Sun. The common factor between her and Piggy (who we also adore) is their all-conquering passion for the one they love.

Sayid: Rizzo the Rat Street-smart silent types who are too cool for their castmates.

Hurley: Fozzie Bear Every group needs someone to lighten the mood. And, of course, the word “bear” has more than one meaning.

Ben: Bunsen These two mousy gents are both geniuses… and they kind of look alike. Too bad one of them is so evil.

Sawyer: Animal These wild men make up for their rough exteriors with (in Sawyer’s case well-hidden) hearts of gold.

Claire: Janice Both ladies are blonde bohemians with a wild side. Claire’s just happens to involve running around crazy-eyed with a rifle and trying to kill Kate…