New Comedy Central Series: Who’s Going to Be Offended?


When you’re in the humor business, you know you’re doing something right when you offend people. Take Comedy Central, for example: The Daily Show and Colbert Report offend red staters. The Man Show offended feminists. And, of course, South Park has offended just about everyone by now (most recently Muslims). So, now that the network has announced its full slate of new 2010-2011 programming, we have to ask ourselves: Who’s going to be offended? After the jump, we predict which groups will be writing angry letters about Comedy Central’s most promising series and pilots of next year.

The Onion Sports Network (working title) What it is: A half-hour scripted series that will piggyback on The Onion Sports Network we currently enjoy online. The Wrap says it “will take on the whole universe of modern sports – teams, players, leagues, sycophantic fans, ridiculous products and over-hyped coverage.” Who will be offended: We’re going to take a wild guess and bet Tiger Woods

Highdeas What it is: Exactly what it sounds like. A show about ideas you have when you’re high, based on Who will be offended: Your local PTA

Live Sex Show What it is: Bert Kreischer and lad-mag model Layla Kayleigh confirm that sex is comedy, with the help of celebs, sketches, and what The Wrap refers to a “titillating conversation.” Plus, viewers can participate using Skype. Just like with web porn! Who will be offended: The abstinence-only crowd

Patrice Oneal’s Guide to White People Radio host Oneal gives lessons in being white. (Um, should the Stuff White People Like like dude be getting a cut of this?) Who will be offended: White people with no sense of humor. Which is probably most of us.

Rich Dicks What it is: Nick Kroll and Jon Daly play the titular party-happy characters in a show based on the Funny or Die series. Who will be offended: Rich dicks

Steel Panther What it is: A “loosely scripted docu-reality show” about the faux ’80s hair metal band Steel Panther, who are on a quest to revive the music they love. Who will be offended: People who still unironically adore hair bands.

JC What it is: Jesus Christ attempts to separate himself from the anxiety of his father’s influence. Like all other kids who’ve spent their youths being told they’re the greatest thing in the world, he moves to New York City. Who will be offended: Christians. Duh.

Untitled Reggie Watts Project What it is: We’re not sure yet, but we love Reggie Watts and can’t wait to see his weird-ass comedy get a national platform. Who will be offended: Knowing Reggie? Probably everyone. In a good way.