The SNL Drinking Game: Black Out While Watching Betty White


It’s finally here! After months of Facebook campaigning, Lorne Michaels succumbed to social networking pressure, and Betty White is hosting SNL‘s “Women Of Comedy” episode this weekend. But we’ll be honest. We’re nervous. Our great expectations for certain hosts this season haven’t been met by a long shot (we’re looking directly at you Mr. Galifianakis and Ms. Fey).

That said, White will be joined by a funny women army. With alums like Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, and Tina Fey on board, perhaps this episode will be able to transcend the awkward put-Kristen-Wiig-in-every-skit rut of recent months. Either way, we’ll be watching. And drinking. Join us, won’t you?

– You must drink every time Betty White does something that reminds you of Rose Nylund.

– If Facebook gets namechecked in the opening monologue, take a drink.

– If Betty White does something age inappropriate — this includes flashing gang signs, engaging in bawdy talk, or being 88 years old and awake by the end of the show — then you must drink.

– If Sarah Palin is mentioned, impersonated, or makes a random cameo, drink.

– If Amy Poehler cracks up during a skit, take a sip. If she makes another cast member crack up too, chug until they’ve both recovered.

– Every time Maya Rudolph tackles a new ethnicity in the episode, take a drink.

– If Molly Shannon and Kristen Wiig have an over-the-top physical comedy face-off, drink up if Shannon wins.

– If Rachel Dratch revives Debbie Downer, crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. If Jay-Z calls her out for that “Empire State of Mind” spoof she did, drink the whole thing to dull the awkwardness.

– When Betty introduces Jay-Z if she calls him “Jigga,” do a shot. If she refers to him as “Hova,” do two.

– If Jay-Z and Betty really do a sketch together (it’s being reported), take one sip every time Betty makes you laugh, and three sips every time Jay does.

– If Beyonce cameos in a skit as herself, take a drink. If she’s “acting,” chug until it’s over.

– If Bea Arthur’s name is mentioned, drink and pour one out for our dear departed Dorothy.

– If they revive the Mom Jeans sketch finish your drink.