Be Yourself Movement: Corporate Collaborations or Pure Vandalism?


Be Yourself Movement (BYM) is an Italian art collective with an agenda. The group has made some uninvited collaborations with advertisements found on billboards, bus stop shelters, and the walls of subway stations throughout various cities across Europe. Their mission: to rally against the “daily bombardment of messages that aim to impose upon us one collective thought, one way of being and living and one appearance.” Whether BYM has any influence on people’s thoughts about consumerism and identity or not, the result is something interesting to look at while waiting for public transportation.

View more of their amendments to advertising after the jump.

Want to give it a try? Under the “Ammo” section on their website, you can print out a variety of noses, mustaches, glasses, eyes, and even a set of maracas, if you want to alter any advertisements near you. Below, watch BYM do some late-night redecorating of a Milan metro station while listening to fast guitars and noisy drums.