The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Legendary jazz singer, actress, and civil rights icon Lena Horne died yesterday at the age of 92. [via NYT] 2. In a graduation speech at Hampton University on Sunday, President Obama called the iPad, and other popular electronic devices, a “distraction… rather than the means of emancipation.” Thoughts? [via CNET] 3. Angus T. Jones of Two and a Half Men is the highest paid kid in TV. He makes $250,000 an episode. [via NYP] 4. Betty White’s episode of SNL scored the show’s best ratings since November 2008. Our favorite part was the Digital Short. [via Variety] 5. Bassist Carlos Dengler has quit Interpol “to follow another path, and to pursue new goals.” [via NME]

Bonus link: Will Ferrell’s Bitch Hunter: Mother’s Day Edition