Buy Truman Capote’s Brooklyn Home for Only $18 Million


As literary landmark homes go, few can compare with the Brooklyn Heights house where Truman Capote wrote Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood. Pair that legacy with a beautiful, pale yellow, 18-room townhouse tricked out with, as the Daily News describes, “11 fireplaces, parking for four cars, a mural copied from the Kennedy White House, a back porch and a garden like something out of a Southern estate” and you get… an $18 million asking price?

Does this optimistic listing, in a borough whose record home sale price is currently $12 million, mean the real estate market is back? Perhaps! But since we have absolutely no shot at this dream house (and Capote only rented out its basement, anyway) we’d prefer to simply gawk at its beauty. After the jump, check out some current and historic photos of 70 Willow Street.

[via John Warrander on Flickr, 2006]

Truman Capote poses with a book and cigarette in his apartment [Slim Aarons/Getty via Guardian]

[via New York magazine]

70 Willow Street, 1936 [via New York Public Library on Flickr]