Pic of the Day: Art Inspired by Stories


We love One Story, the refreshingly economical (both in terms of size and cost) program that publishes a single, generally excellent short tale every three weeks in the form of a tiny, stylish, monochromatic book. So we were excited to hear today that they’ve teamed with more than 30 talented artists to create the best fundraiser idea in recent memory: The painters, photographers, jewelry makers, etc. have each made original pieces of art based on stories from the One Story archive. Check out our five favorites and learn how you can bid on them after the jump.

Brandi Strickaland, Frost Mountain Picnic Massacre Inspired by: “Frost Mountain Picnic Massacre” by Seth Fried

Michelle Fantaci, What Is Alaska Like? (silver necklace) Inspired by: “What is Alaska Like?” by Anna Solomon

Tini Bloom, Muscle Memory Inspired by: “Muscle Memory” by Katherine Karlin

Linda Ganjian, The Qualifications of Regina White Inspired by: “The Qualifications of Regina White” by Rachel Carpenter

Alison Elizabeth Taylor, The Bright Spot Inspired by: “The Good Word” by Yannick Murphy

If you like what you see here (or in the full gallery) and live in New York, be sure to attend One Story’s Literary Debutante Ball May 21st, where you can participate in a silent auction for the item of your choice. Those who can’t make the event can enter their bids on an absentee form.