Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


With Valentine’s Day looming, there’s never been a better time to enjoy our favorite guilty pleasure — well, at least until that Kelly Clarkson Katy Perry cover gets leaked — Cultural Missed Connections.

Have no one to cuddle with? According to this week’s findings, your true love may be lying on the ground at P.S.1… or waiting anxiously to challenge you to an Arrested Development trivia duel. Because who wouldn’t feel all warm inside after debating about where Mrs. Featherbottom is from?

After the jump, the Missed Connections that warmed our cold, bitter hearts the most.

Hey, Banksy? – w4m I know your Clark Kent identity. By the way, we’re preggers…

f*ck dostoevsky – m4w – 23 (bed stuy) what is it with these “whisper dostoevsky into my ears at night” people? is there really not any other author you would like whispered into your frickin ears? can we try to collectively move beyond this existentialism garbage? it was cool and ‘fresh’ back in the day… but shit really is a bit different now and if you live like one of these existentialists then you’ll end up driving yourself completely insane.


there’s a lot more out there than existentialism.

start with Jung’s Collective Unconscious for christ sake and work your way up to quantum physics, unified field theory, and the ‘noosphere’; existentialism is a brick wall to nowhere.

ps1…surveying from corners – w4m – 28 i first saw you standing in the corner staring at the unicorn. you had a red hat or a red scarf. then i saw you standing in the corner of the room with the olafur eliasson installation…you eventually laid on the floor next to me. i am intrigued by your surveying the unicorn from the corner as the glass was mostly frosted from that vantage point…

arrested development trivia – open call! – w4m – 23 (Inwood / Wash Hts) i’m looking for a worthy adversary. a friend of mine would write out some questions, maybe a friend of yours would, too? so there’s no favoritism or pre-knowledge, whatever? pretty please? someone?

Nicole Klagsbrun opening Fri. – m4w (Chelsea) Both trying to navigate through the crowed gallery foyer, you appeared to be leaving as I was arriving, making introductions less than simple. Stunningly dark hair, we shared a quite obvious stare as we passed by one another. Feel free to respond, would love to say, “Hello” this go around.

Benjamin Button, 2:15 Friday, We Sat a Seat Apart – – m4w – 35 (19th Street) We sat a seat apart at Benjamin Button yesterday. You: blonde, kicked me twice! And we smiled at each other.

Would love to see you again.

Nick and Steph’s before Killers concert – m4w – 34 (Nick and Steph’s at MSG) I was on my way out to go see the show. You were with a couple of friends. Like a bonehead I didn’t get your #. Was it Daniela? Great show, no? Would have been much better had I got your #, though. 😦

Girl at the Whitney, Sunday closing time – w4w – 28 You had on a red coat with an amazing cracked leather bag slung over your shoulder, glasses. I’m tall with short dark hair, glasses, paisley kerchief. There was plenty of staring but nothing else; I should have given you my number.

The intense looking over/walking past happened down by the bookstore/coat check at the Whitney, right on closing time Sunday. Hope you saw the footage of Josephine Baker dancing in the Calder show…

‘Underworld’ on the L train – m4w You saw that I was reading ‘Underword.’ I told you that I was not convinced yet. You said that with the last page I would be. I was. How is the Alexie?

Devotchka, webster hall Sat. night – m4w Saw you picking up your coat with your friends ~ 11ish. You were the cute south asian, Indian? girl. Had on a black shirt with Oakland written on it. Long shot, but if you get this write back… ciao