Daily Dose Pick: Trash Humpers


Notorious avant-garde filmmaker and Dogme 95 member Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers chronicles the antics of three fascinating and disturbing geriatric degenerates.

Korine lightens things up VHS-style with the film, in which a trio of grotesque, masked protagonists causes relentless mischief against a backdrop of light-flooded underpasses, abandoned parking lots, and nameless alleyways. It’s a crudely edited journey into a world where people are joined to the head by pantyhose, pancakes are eaten with dishwashing liquid, and dirty sock puppets can be just as entertaining as prostitutes.

As with Korine’s other films, Trash Humpers is sure to be polarizing. The filmmaker’s work has consistently antagonized some audiences, while mesmerizing others. At 19, he wrote the screenplay for Larry Clark’s 1995 film Kids, and he has since directed Julien Donkey-Boy (featuring Werner Herzog), and the sad celebrity-impersonator tale Mister Lonely.

Visit the film’s official site, read an interview with Korine, listen to him discuss Trash Humpers via podcast, and find out why he’s been called “the most hated man in art-house cinema.”

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