The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Have a problem with Facebook‘s recent privacy changes? Then you’re probably over the age of 35. [via Wired] 2. So this is interesting: Jenny Lewis is helping Killers frontman Brandon Flowers out with a few of the songs on his solo debut. They’re also working on a duet called “Hard Enough.” [via 24Bit] 3. Brad Pitt will star in The Tiger, a Darren Aronofsky–directed drama about an animal activist in a small town in Siberia written by Babel scribe Guillermo Arriaga. [via THR] 4. The new Band of Horses album, Infinite Arms, is streaming over on their website. It officially drops on May 18th. 5. To be filed under awkward things that we’d probably do: mistaking a costumed Sir Ian McKellen for a homeless person and giving him a dollar. [via Daily Mail]

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