Enter to Win a Limited-Edition Pair of Keds


The 1930s were about more than just the Dust Bowl and your grandparent. The decade also saw the advent and triumph of tons of creative folks in multiple mediums. Fred and Ginger, Salvador Dali, Benny Goodman? Ring a bell?

To help get you back in the “swing” of things (Ha! See what we did there?), Keds has released a limited-edition 1930s shoe collection. And we’re helping them explore the cutting-edge culture and style of the decade, curating daily facts on www.theoriginalsneaker.com about the ’30s.

Scope the site (you may even learn a thing or two) and enter to win a pair of limited edition Century Collection Keds or Keds Originals. Ten runner-ups will each receive a pair of Keds Originals while one grand-prize winner will win a pair of limited edition, Century Collection Keds and two pairs of Keds Originals! Or, buy your own: last month’s Take Flight Century Collection shoe, the 1910s, went super fast.

Act now, though. Because it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.