The 10 Links That Made Our Day


Today at Flavorpill, we fell in love with the hilarious female star of this “Confessions of a Hipster” video. We were inspired by 10 of the most successful people who didn’t graduate from college. We wondered who was behind this strange Jerry Saltz hoax — and what they really got out of it. We looked for our favorites on this massive list of the best children’s books ever. We wished that the world had more magnetic recording tape art. We couldn’t believe how uncanny all 50 of this guy’s impressions were. We wanted one of Gordon Young’s typographic tree sculptures for our office. We watched six seasons of Hurley saying “dude” — which if you don’t watch Lost, is a lot. We thought it was funny but weird that Lou Reed plans to perform a high-frequency concert in Sydney that only dogs will be able to hear. We were amazed that this music video was produced entirely on a Nintendo DSi. And finally, we tried to imagine tweeting while climbing Mount Everest. Shouldn’t that kind of thing be physically impossible?