Ke$ha’s “Your Love Is My Drug” Video with Director’s Commentary


Since no Lady Gaga videos seem to be on tap for release this week, the new clip from Ke$ha will have to do. Instead of just premiering it, we sat down* with “Your Love Is My Drug” director Honey for some top-secret, exclusive commentary. After the jump, watch the video and follow along as he explains how some of his very favorite shots came to be.

“The opening shot is a funny story, actually. We didn’t plan it at all. I had just told the crew to take five, and Ke$ha sort of passed out right there. Later, she told us she’d been awake for the better part of a week.”

“We were shocked that Andrew W.K. agreed to co-star in the video, but I guess for him it’s, like, some highbrow performance kind of thing.”

“It was sweet the way Ke$ha bonded with the elephant, so we didn’t have the heart to break it to her that elephants and American Indians never co-existed.”

“We’d been listening to a lot of Goldfrapp, so we figured, why not rip her off with the animal head business? Hey, Gaga does it.”

“By this point in the shoot, Ke$ha and Andrew W.K. were, uh, medicated enough that they didn’t even realize the boat wasn’t in the water. We decided to go with it.”

“This effect said to us: ‘Your love is my drug. My other drug is peyote.'”

“Using brand-new, patented technology, we were able to download these cracked out animated images directly from Ke$ha’s brain.”

“Ke$ha’s so funny. When she saw this part, she was like: ‘This looks so familiar. Are you sure you didn’t steal it from a Lady Gaga video?'”

“Why, yes, that is a star wipe. We’re bringing it back.”

“That Ke$ha! You turn your back on her for one moment and she gets herself caught in fishing net. But that’s just what we love about her. She’s so real.”

“We worried this look might be too similar to those offensive Russian figure skating costumes people were so upset about before the Olympics. That’s why we decided to make the whole thing glow in the dark. We were also concerned with introducing the snake, but actually, Ke$ha really seemed to bond with it.”

“At this point, Ke$ha had blacked out. But her unconscious mind was still coming up with excellent stuff.”

“Since this is a pretty serious song, we wanted to end the video on a lighter note. Luckily, Ke$ha always knows what to say: We didn’t even have to write that ‘I like your beard’ line. She totally thought of it on the spot.”

* No, we didn’t.