The 10 Links That Made Our Day


Today at Flavorpill, we looked at pictures of former “human meme” the Hipster Grifter in her almost birthday suit. We ventured inside of architect Gary Chang’s tiny apartment in downtown Hong Kong. We got one virtual step closer to ending the war between the sexes. We watched World War II unfold on Facebook. We got a sneak peek at the cover of “Fame: Lady Gaga,” a comic book that hits shelves in a few weeks. We met some of YouTube’s best butt-chuggers, which is even worse than whatever you’re thinking right now. We had a case of the squeamish giggles after looking at this Marge Simpson pork chop zombie from last night’s episode of Top Chef Masters. We wondered if one day they’ll teach Madonnaspeak on college campuses. We fell in love with the music of The oo — a Japanese xx cover band. And finally, we couldn’t believe that Weezy got busted for having headphones, a charger, and a watch that doubles as an MP3 player in his jail cell. They should be happy it wasn’t cough syrup.