Paris and Blanket Jackson Make Their YouTube Debut


The first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death may be fast approaching, but pop culture clearly isn’t over him yet. Yesterday, we heard about the King of Pop’s unfortunate, apparently drugged-out answering machine messages. Then, earlier today, Kanye West posted a series of Neverland images from photographer Henry Lutwyler’s upcoming book. (We’re not sure whether the multitude of scantily-clad baby sculptures or the costumes that include attached underwear creep us out more.) But that’s not all. Now, Dangerous Minds has tipped us off that YouTube videos of Jackson’s children, Paris and Blanket, are sweeping the Internet. Watch them and let us know how guiltily exploitative they make you feel after the jump.

Blanket dances to music from Monsters, Inc.

Blanket acts out a scene from Star Wars

Paris asks for help… from a monkey

Our hasty conclusion? Say what you will about Michael Jackson: His kids at least seem to know how to have fun.