Flavorpill Fix Episode One: Screaming Females, Double Dagger, Future Islands


After much hard work (and lots of concert-going fun), we’re proud to present the debut episode of our new online video series, the Flavorpill Fix. Created in memory of NYC TV’s dearly departed New York Noise, the Fix is a collection of new music videos, live concert footage, and exclusive interviews meant to be consumed in order, in its entirety, like a TV show or a mixtape.

We’re excited to kick off the series with talent including Screaming Females, Double Dagger, Future Islands, MiniBoone, Hammock, and Sabrina Chap. After the jump, watch the Fix, learn more about the artists involved, find out how to submit your band’s videos for the next episode, and let us know what you think.

Live performances and interviews include:

Screaming Females — “Pretty OK” from the album Singles (Don Giovanni)

Double Dagger — “Sleeping with the TV On” from the EP Masks (Thrill Jockey)

Future Islands — “Long Flight” from the album In Evening Air (Thrill Jockey)

Music videos:

MiniBoone — “Cool Kids Cut Out of the Heart Itself” from the album Big Changes (Drug Front Records)

Sabrina Chap — “Never Been a Bad Girl” from the album Oompa! (New Yorkers, don’t miss this video’s cameo by downtown scene star Murray Hill.)

Hammock — Breathturn from the album Chasing After Shadows… Living with the Ghosts (Hammock Music)

Interested in submitting to the next episode of the Flavorpill Fix?

Email your video (in Quicktime format, via Sendspace, Megaupload, etc.) to tips@flavorpill.com by Friday, June 4th. Also include: Contact info, a short list of credits (band, song, album, director, website) and any questions or special instructions you may have. We’ll get in touch if we plan to use your clip in the next Flavorpill Fix, which will go live in mid-June.