The Sounds of Music: News on Kanye West, T.I., The B-52s, Radiohead and M. Ward


Kanye upset over songs leaked from new album: Two songs from KANYE WEST’s forthcoming album leaked into cyberspace Sunday, much to the rapper’s alleged dismay. “I’m pretty upset about it,” he wrote on his blog over the weekend, adding that he was not the one who leaked the tracks. The album, 808S & HEARTBREAK, is slated for release on November 25. And in other Kanye news: he and ESTELLE will perform at next week’s MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS, officials announced yesterday. [MTV]

T.I. makes amends through anti-violence film: Rapper T.I. will star in a TV documentary about gun violence after pleading guilty to firearm and other offenses in March. WALKING WITH GUNS, which also features former U.N. ambassador ANDREW YOUNG, premiered Sunday in Atlanta. The documentary explores ways for young people to avoid violence and will begin airing around the country November 2. [AP]

After the jump, why B-52s latest song features chimes.

Flaming Lips, B-52s reinvent NBC chimes: As part of a new branding campaign, NBC asked several artists to produce a modern rendition of the network’s trademark chimes. FLAMING LIPS, B-52S, T.I., AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT and others were among the bands to rework the famous G-E-C notes. NBC will air the bands’ creations during commercial breaks this fall. [EW] Radiohead reveals In Rainbows figures: Earlier this week, RADIOHEAD disclosed the results of its 2007 Internet experiment and the verdict is good. As you’ll recall, IN RAINBOWS was available for download on at a nice price of “it’s up to you.” Though we live in an era where it seems that no one pays for music, the album sold 3 million copies, and downloads from the site alone exceeded total sales of HAIL TO THE THIEF in 2003. The hard copy of the album topped U.S. and U.K. charts when it debuted three months after the online release, and Radiohead also claims that the experiment generated a renewed interest in the band. [Chicago Tribune]

M. Ward announces new album: The 2009 release of M. WARD’s fourth album is an exciting announcement, after the folk singer’s quick rise to fame has led him to become one of the most highly-regarded musicians of the decade. HOLD TIME will be released in February and will feature collaborations with LUCINDA WILLIAMS, JASON LYTLE and ZOOEY DESCHANEL (Ward’s counterpart in their recent hit band SHE & HIM). [Playback:stl]

Text: Iza Wojciechowska Photo: Justin Charles