Rate-a-Trailer: Iron Sky


Nobody likes Nazis, not even in the future. This is why directors love having the Third Reich in their film: they embody a timeless evil that everyone can agree to hate. Simply by slapping a swastika onto a soldier’s uniform, the wing of a plane, or having an entire space station built in the image of one on the moon, viewers can instantly recognize the bad guys.

The Finnish film Iron Sky is described as a science-fiction comedy, which, with nothing but the trailer to go on, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us at the moment. All we know is that near the end of the clip, the words “SEND US YOUR MONEY” are seen flying through space amongst fighter jets as the sun starts to emerge behind some unidentifiable planet. That’s because the project is being funded entirely through crowdsourcing.

If all goes according to plan, look for Iron Sky in cinemas early next year. View some promotional images below.