Sundance Filmmaker Blog: Destin Cretton, Short Term 12


On the flight home from Park City, I tried really hard to reflect on and process all that had happened over the past 10 days. I attempted to weed out the real and genuine from the “buzz” and hype. I wanted to focus on all the new faces I met, all the incredible minds I was so lucky to be around, the million perfect moments spent with such wonderful friends, old and new: hearing Mike’s pitch of his futuristic Will Ferrell movie, seeing the premiere of Mary & Max with Bekah, watching Ryan try to talk to the girl from Teeth [Editor’s note: Jess Weixler who we love.], experiencing the premiere of Short Term 12 alongside Brad, Phoenix, Katelin, Michelle, Ryan, Bekah and 600 other strangers, taking a bus into the mountains with all the other Sundance directors to hear a speech from Robert Redford, trying to take a picture of Adrian with Redford behind him, videotaping our bus hit that guy’s SUV, seeing Damien Rice at night and Obama in the morning with Joy, Adam and Katie, doing the Q&A at Windrider with Michelle, hanging with Finlay and Adrian on his birthday, sitting with visual artist Maria Marshall as her beautiful images moved across the screen, hugging my sister and talking to my family after winning our award, dancing in the streets with Joseph Gordon-Levitt after the inauguration, playing Rock Band with Topanga, eating every meal in Albertson’s with Brad and Jared, crying in the premiere of Push, taking a drive with Michael up the mountain for a better perspective of Park City, reading emails from strangers who were touched by our film, trying to get through that last Q&A, getting to spend time with such talented filmmakers as: Joseph, Rashaad, Conner, Rob, Annie, Coley, Teemu, Carlo, Julius, Kai, Olivia, and so many more, getting to know the pure and dedicated team who make Sundance move (Trevor, John, Kim, Marcus, Dylan, Todd, and on and on and on).

These are the things I wanted to think about on that flight home, but instead, I slept for two hours. Then when I got home, I slept for 11 more. And the next day, I took a four-hour nap just before sleeping for another ten. After 27 hours of rest, I finally have a moment to breathe. My time at Sundance went so far beyond my expectations I often didn’t really know how to respond, and I’m sure I’ll be processing through it for a while. All I know is that I am so thankful, to my family who loves me without reason, to my friends who place value on integrity and creativity above awards and recognition, to Ortiz’s Taco Shop for treating me like family and making the best California burritos in the country. I love you all. And though it was one of the best times of my life, I’m so happy to be back in San Diego, sitting on my couch, watching a movie with my wonderful roommates, Ryan and Jo. It’s hard to believe that in two days I’ll be off to the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France to do it all over again. I better get to bed.