The Top 10 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Moments of the Decade


It’s almost shocking to realize that Aqua Teen Hunger Force has been airing for ten years now. Of course, it’s not much more shocking than anyone’s first reaction to watching the show — or even trying to process how a cartoon about anthropomorphic fast-food items with a disturbed sense of humor even came to exist in the first place.

Still, a decade later, Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad remain on the air, 100 episodes strong and as insane as the day we met them. To celebrate, co-creator Dave Willis and voice actor Dana Snyder took the show on the road, screening rare clips, playing songs, and doing live readings on the appropriately titled Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live tour. We were able to catch Willis on the way, so he could share his top 10 favorite ATHF moments of the decade. Watch all his picks and read his commentary after the jump.

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1. HandBanana, “Tonight…You” “Rape is never funny. Unless it’s Carl getting physically molested by a yellow dog.”

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2. Multi-Meat, “We’re deadlocked again” “Screenwriting rule #1: Create a conflict between characters, then resolve it. Failing that, create a thousand of the same character and have them all do the same thing.”

3. MC Pee Pants, “I Want Candy” “Let’s see Lil Wayne drop rhymes about Ron Howard’s 1985 film Cocoon. Then we could sue him.”

4. Dickesode “We created a man with swollen testicles for feet, arms made of pubic hair, and a driving obsession to craft a working spaceship out of severed human penises. An 11-minute Freudian Slip.”

5. Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future “Your children love Christmas. Our children fear it.”

6. Frat Aliens, “My Dad Owns a Dealership” “Substitute ‘candle factory’ for ‘dealership.’ Now you know what my hall was like sophomore year.”

7. Revenge of the Mooninites,­ The Foreigner Belt “If you play this episode and Foreigner Four at the exact same time, you will notice around the seven-minute mark that your wife will leave the room.”

8. Super Birthday Snake “The only time we ever killed the characters.”

9. Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary “Trivia fun fact: Geddy Lee’s voice is actually played by Aqua Teen co-creator Matt Maiellaro. Geddy Lee was too busy with his solo album to participate in our prestigious project, or to return our phone calls.”

10. Broodwich, “The Last Temptation of the Broodwich” “Insane.”