The 10 Links That Made Our Day


Today at Flavorpill, we were creeped out by the idea that Facebook knows when your relationship is going to end before you do. We discovered where cursors come from. We enjoyed Baby’s Touch ‘N Feel Guide to Russian Literature, courtesy of McSweeney’s. We refused to believe that Justin Bieber’s tiny bird tattoo can be real. Or located on his girlish hip. We followed @feministhulk. (Sample tweet: “HULK NOT AFRAID OF GLASS CEILING. HULK EAT GLASS FOR BREAKFAST.”) We wondered what moving Parks and Recreation might mean for our favorite show, 30 Rock. We visited 15 amazing castles from around the world. We watched a couple in Japan get married by a humanoid robot. We decided that a touch of Le Tigre does a world of good for Christina Aguilera’s sound — just listen to this preview of “I Hate Boys.” And finally, we relived The National’s Saturday night Red Hot-benefiting show at BAM, thanks to our friends at ZYNC from American Express.