Video of the Day: Ghostbusters at New York Public Library


New York City just doesn’t seem safe these days, and people don’t always know where to look for protection. Recently, when the New York Public Library became infested with ghosts, who do you think they called? That’s right, Improv Everywhere. Studious patrons were disturbed during the evacuation, but the team of faux-parapsychologists got the job done and the reading room is better off because of it. At least they hope so.

The truth is that the New York Public Library did call Improv Everywhere for help, but not because of its ghost problem. The library is facing a $37 million budget cut, and they hope the stunt will remind the public that it’s there and it’s necessary. If you get their message and want to help out, you can start by visiting their advocacy site, Don’t Close the Book on Public Libraries.