Video of the Day: Would Lost’s Hurley Make a Better Sawyer?


Over at i09, Meredith Woerner is indulging in some big-time pre-finale Lost nostalgia, with a collection of the clips that started it all: the cast members’ audition videos. And, as it turns out, the folks who landed main-character spots didn’t just try out for their own roles. All of these are worth a watch, but we’re most amused to see no fewer than three actors — Matthew Fox (Jack), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) — besides Josh Holloway read for Sawyer’s part. After the jump, watch all four videos and tell us what you think: Do you agree with the producers, or would you have cast a different actor as Sawyer?

Jorge Garcia (Hurley):

Our take: A good effort, but it’s hard to see Garcia as anything other than lovable.

Matthew Fox (Jack)

Our take: Uhhh… Sawyer is troubled, not a psychopath. We like Fox better as a hero type, anyway.

Dominic Monaghan (Charlie)

Our take: Cute as always, but a bit too vulnerable for first-season Sawyer.

Josh Holloway (Sawyer)

Our take: That smirk! That snarl! Holloway doesn’t seem to have the character fully realized in the audition, but it’s still clear why he was cast in the role.

Bonus link: Some talented nerd has created an awesome infographic, the Lost character timeline.