The Flavorpill Mixtape XXVI: Toro Y Moi, Menomena, Math & Physics Club


This week’s mixtape brings bands back from hiatus (Menomena, Miniature Tigers), from the depths of obscurity (Sunglasses, Coma Cinema), and from the back of our heads (Toro Y Moi, The Drums). Right Click + Save As individual tracks to remember the past and make way for the future of indie, or scroll to the bottom and download the whole thing.

1. Lower Dens – “Hospice Gates” Jana Hunter is about to be huge: Her songs have soundtracked mumblecore films and her album I Get Nervous was the debut release from Devendra Banhart’s new record label. Her new project’s first single, “Hospice Gates,” could be a gateway drug to the Antler’s Hospice.

2. Math & Physics Club – “Jimmy Had a Polaroid” Their darling C86 pop melodies and bouncy verses remind us of Belle & Sebastian, only younger. “Jimmy Had a Polaroid” is nostalgic, catchy, and feel-good. You’ll want to play it at your next roof party.

3. Toro Y Moi – “Leave Everywhere” Chaz Bundick’s follow-up to his much-hyped debut, Causers of This, strips off a hazy layer or two, resulting in a more straightforward, beachy jam that’s also sneakily catchy.

4. Coma Cinema – “Sucker Punch” This track’s hum-along denouement is a straight sucker punch to the gut. The song’s subject matter is painfully similar to Romeo & Juliet’s story, but washed out and blended into Toro Y Moi territory, South Carolina.

5. The Drums – “It Will All End In Tears” In case you weren’t already aware, The Drums are the sound of the summer. They don’t disappoint with the infectious surf melodies of this new teaser from their upcoming self-titled debut.

6. Miniature Tigers – “Gold Skull” The Tigers’ newest single was produced by Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo, and, as a result, the sound is familiar in a good way. “Gold Skull” combines the fantastic songwriting of Tell It to the Volcano with the electronic masterwork of Say Hi.

7. So I’m Jo – “Air” This Aussie electro-duo might be a new and improved Passion Pit, with their more refined sound, tamer vocals, and fewer members by half.

8. Sunglasses –“Whiplash” Slide whistles and tropical strings and Animal Collective-esque vocals are the ingredients to one summer cocktail you might find yourself addicted to. What started as a senior thesis film evolved into a much-hyped musical project by an elusive duo no one seems to know much about.

9. BRONZE – “Horses” Like the lovechild of New Order and T. Rex, glam-pop band BRONZE has been name-dropped by buzz beneficiaries Free Energy as a “favorite new band.” We couldn’t have said it better.

10. Menomena – “Five Little Rooms” Finally, the multi-instrumentalist wunderkinds are back to fuck with the conventions of indie with a release of their first material since Friend and Foe three years ago. The first single from their July 27th release bites off more than even Ratatat can chew. In our opinion, it’s five minutes of genius.

Download the entire mix here.