D.I.Y. Design Guru: 5 Mags to Ease Your Domino Blues


Now that twenty-something lady and gay decorator fave Domino is off the shelves (well, there’s one more issue on the way), what on earth can the upwardly mobile young professional use as decor porn? Here are a few suggestions. And yes, it’s pretty wild that some of these publications actually exist. Wonder how their ad pages are doing?

Cat Fancy — Billed as the complete guide for “better understanding” your feline, this underrated monthly could help make the tough decisions when it comes to apartment living. What upholstery fabric would Otis prefer on my Ikea couch? Does the scratching post in that corner mess with my feng shui? Remember, if kitty ain’t happy, no one is. One year subscription for $15.

Cowboys & Indians — This guy is the “premier magazine of the West.” It might sound ridiculous, but remember the interior design antler craze of 2007? Study up for next big trend, starting with the turquoise accents featured in the current issue. And every small home can benefit from a rocking horse. Wink, wink. 1 year for $24.95 or a special offer of two full years (!) for $44.95.

Nikki Style — You may not be able to afford first-class round trip tickets to Miami every weekend, but you can live la vida loca with a digital subscription to beachy, not-always-intentionally-hilarious lifestyle mag Nikki Style. Baha-esque caftan throw blanket? Fake palm trees? Chaise lounges instead of that grungy Craigslist couch? Why the hell not. Digital subscription – free!

Field & Stream — Judging from the nation’s recent obsession with Sarah Palin, it’s not a far cry to taking decorating tips straight from the pages of “the world’s leading outdoor” publication. Think hammocks, fishing lures as lampshade pulls, and pillows with cross-stitched monster trucks. Boyfriend/young brothers/frat friends should love it. This one’s a deal, only $12 for 12 issues.

Architectural Digest – The grandaddy of all the shelter titles, Arch Digest is never mean, rarely lean, and chock full of ad pages for chintz, real estate, and beach vacations in Georgia. Take a cue from your grandmother and be inspired by swag curtains, symmetrical furniture placement, and flattering soft-focus lighting. Bonus: it’s “classic,” so you’ll never have to redecorate. One year for the bargain price of $21.