Rate-a-Trailer: Going the Distance


Gone are the days when long-distance relationships conjured images of lonely individuals spending hours gazing through a rain-soaked window while yearning to be in the arms of their lover. There’s no more anxious waiting for the postman to deliver a letter. Now we have Facebook, text messages, and video chat rooms. Long-distance relationships in the digital era is the central theme of this new romantic comedy, co-starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. In real life, the duo are an on-and-off-again couple, but we think they look cute together on the big screen, too. The question is: Can the fictional couple withstand the strain of living on opposite coasts? They are crazy about each other, aren’t they? If their relationship works out, maybe it’s because technology really can bring us together, despite Obama’s doubts.

Going the Distance hits theaters August 27, 2010.