Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Flavorpill Liveblogs Lost Finale


Can you believe it, Losties? After years of dogged devotion, obsessive analysis, and a lifetime’s worth of WTF, this Sunday we’ll gather ’round our TVs, cocktails in hand, and watch the last two and a half hours of Lost ever. Since this is pretty much the TV event of the season — and we need an excuse to stay at least somewhat sober — Flavorpill’s loyal Lost team, will be liveblogging the entire super-size episode right here, starting with a pre-show chat around 8:30 p.m. ET. We don’t promise to make sense of it all, but we will keep you company in your confusion. After the jump, psych yourself up for the finale with links to some of our best recent Lost posts and a roundup of the funniest new tributes to the show.

“I’ll Never Be Lost Again”: A hip-hop anthem

Lost re-enacted by cats in one minute

Muppets audition for role of Smoke Monster

Sarah Silverman interviews Damon and Carlton

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