The 10 Links That Made Our Day


1. Our premature nomination for song of the summer: Auto Tuned Wolves. [via BuzzFeed] 2. Speaking of, what do you make of this new “tweens pretending to be wolves” trend? Creeptastic. [via HRO] 3. It’s a Talking Heads indie rock cover showdown between MGMT, Arcade Fire, and Kyp Malone. [via 24Bit] 4. A memo to bros traveling to Australia: you now have to declare your porn when you go through customs. [via AP] 5. Watch the entire series of Lost acted out by cats in just one minute. [via Vulture] 6. Do they do naked Fridays at your office? [via Daily Intel] 7. Killer asparagus. It’s real, and it’s deadly. [via Gawker] 8. Fifty vintage lunchboxes that we would have lusted over in elementary school. [via notcot] 9. Things we wish were real: The Baby-sitters Club & Zombies. [via The Daily What] 10. Is this the summer music festival lineup to end all summer music festival lineups? [via]