Daily Dose Pick: Coined Consumerism


A compilation of images, interviews, and essays, Christopher D. Salyers’ Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism provides an engaging survey of a modern-day mechanical phenomenon.

The book profiles vending machines around the world, which dispense a wide range of goods — including beer, gold, underwear, and live cockroaches. It’s a colorful look at the automated apparatuses that interpret, commodify, and deliver according to a population’s needs, as well as its occasionally unusual desires.

Read more about the release, visit the author’s blog, check out Motomachi’s online photo series of a vending machine in Japan, and buy a copy of the book


Click through below to view a gallery of images from the book.

(Fake) drug vending machines by imbue. (Photo: Louika Avvakoumides)

(Fake) drug vending machines by imbue. (Photo: Louika Avvakoumides)

Pet roach crane machine in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. (Photo: Christopher D. Salyers)

Porn vending machine in Kumamoto, Japan. (Photo: Michael Downey)

Vending machine robot at Shibuya Station, Tokyo, Japan. (Photo: Sanchrome)

Beer vending machine in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo: Christopher D. Salyers)

Photo booth in Paris, France. (Photo: Dave Walsh)

Perfume vending in Köln, Germany. (Photo: Klaus Brockmeier)

Condom machine in Beijing, China. (Photo: Xiaming)

Coke machine at Edinburgh Airport. (Photo: Martin Third)

Motomachi’s Vending Machine, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. (Photo: Motomachi)