The 10 Links That Made Our Day


1. 10 YouTube Videos of People Doing Amazing Things [via Mashable] 2. How Weird Al Predicted The Future [via eMusic] 3. The Summer I Spent Committing Forgery For A Terrible Cause That Is Ruining The World [via The Awl] 4. Google Maps Alphabet Creates Letters From Land [via HuffPo] 5. Six Degrees of Black Sabbath Links Any Two Musicians or Bands Instantly [via Urlesque] 6. BP Logo Gets Oily, Gruesome Redesigns Courtesy of Greenpeace Followers [via Fast Company] 7. How Marina Abramovic’s Red-Velvet Rope at MoMA Works [via Vulture] 8. Come party with Lady Gaga [via Times Online] 9. Watch: LCD Soundsystem’s “Empire State of Mind” NYC Tribute [via P4K] 10. Pippi Longstocking, With Dragon Tattoo [via NYT]