The 10 Links That Made Our Day


1. Bad Vintage Postcards [via The Daily Dish] 2. A Brief Rundown Of Pop Music Tropes That Lady Gaga Did Not Invent [via The Awl] 3. Amityville Horror House Up for Sale [via Newser] 4. The Very Beginning of Lost Played in Reverse Looks Familiar [via Vulture] 5. How 10 Celebrities Were Discovered [via Mental Floss] 6. Google’s Pac-Man Logo Costs Society $120,483,800 in Productivity [via Mashable] 7. Shaved Bieber [via F.A.T.] 8. Hustler’s Glee porn parody [via The Daily What] 9. Books you could have been jailed for reading [via The Independent] 10. The Sneaker Colouring Book [via Cool Hunting]