Who Wore It Better: Lady Gaga vs. The Kids of Glee


Lady Gaga was just as excited about last night’s episode of Glee as we were. As she recently told Entertainment Weekly: “I love Glee. I love the cast and the creativity of the writers. I went to a musical theater school and used to dream that some day the students would be singing my songs. Can’t wait for ‘Bad Romance’ + ‘Poker Face’ in Glee fashion!” Since they only tackled two songs, clearly it was more about the outfits than the music. According to show creator Ryan Murphy, Gaga’s person made their costumes, making it one of the most expensive episodes the show has done. So was it worth it? Click through for our “who wore it better” analysis.

Rachel paid homage to Gaga’s infamous Kermit the Frog outfit; sadly, neither of her gay dads can sew, so it was a bit of a stapled stuffed animals mess.Winner: Gaga, whose look is more cohesive and structurally sound.

Mercedes paired one of Gaga’s bow wigs (in a kitschy purple) with an equally campy silver frock.Winner: Mercedes. Even though what she’s wearing is completely off-the-wall, she owns the look.

Brittany wore her take on Gaga’s infamous lobster hat.Winner: Brittany — solely based on the fact that she somehow managed to dance while wearing this insane headpiece.

Quinn’s costume paid homage to Gaga’s planetary-orbit dress from the 2010 Grammy Awards.Winner: Gaga. Although we do give Quinn props for those awesome pink faux lashes.

Kurt’s outfit was inspired by the Alexander McQueen ensemble that she wears in “Bad Romance.”Winner: Kurt, because he was almost beat up several times in the episode for wearing his version. Plus, we have a soft spot for anyone who bedazzles their own shoes.

Tina — whose fashion identity crisis inspired this week’s assignment — opted for Gaga’s iconic bubble dress.Winner: We’re afraid if we don’t say Tina, she’ll sic her vampire dad on us. That said, this is one of our all-time favorite Gaga looks…

Santana wore an oversized black rose headpiece paired with a lace bodysuit.Winner: It’s a tie! We thought of all the different Gagas running around this episode, Santana looked the most like the real thing.

Bonus showdown:

Vocal Adrenaline opted for Gaga’s red lace crown get-up from last year’s VMAs. Winner: Gaga. This bizarre look loses some of its shock value the second time around. We’re also confused about how they’re able to sing.