The Morning’s Top 5 Culture Stories


1. Now that American Idol has made her some kind of expert, Ellen DeGeneres is starting a record label. Her first act? Twelve-year-old Bieber clone Greyson Chance. We’re pretty sure this is not a joke. [via Vulture] 2. Jesse Eisenberg will reunite with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer for 30 Minutes or Less, a heist comedy that will also star Aziz Ansari. [via Cinematical] 3. Trustees have voted to move 80-year-old American art institution the Whitney from New York’s Upper East Side to the meatpacking district. Meanwhile, by the time the new building is finished, in 2015, we’re guessing all the galleries in that area will have relocated to Brooklyn. [via New York Times] 4. Apple may be in hot water with the U.S. Justice Department over its attempts to prevent record labels from signing exclusivity deals with Amazon. [via NME] 5. Charlotte Gainsbourg cements her status as coolest woman in the world with a new video for the single “Time of the Assassins.” [via Pitchfork]

Bonus link: MTV polls critics on the best summer jams of the modern era. Do you agree?