Rate-a-Trailer: The Last Exorcism


The Exorcist series is considered one of the scariest film-franchises of all time. Eli Roth, with his torture-porn Hostel series, is considered one of the most grotesque filmmakers of all time. In August of this year, their powers combine with the release of The Last Exorcism . Judging from the trailer, which slightly resembles The Blair Witch Project with its use of first-person shots and shaky camera work, this installment looks scary, but not from using a plethora of jump-around-the-corner-surprise-scary scenes that lazy horror flicks tend to depend on.

Whenever someone says there’s “Nothing to be nervous about,” like Reverend Cotton Marcus does to the demon-possessed girl in this film, there usually is.

The Last Exorcism hits theaters August 27, 2010.