Pic of the Day: The Geotaggers’ World Atlas


The beautiful maps in photographer Eric Fischer’s The Geotaggers’ World Atlas series reveal where people are taking pictures in cities around the world. Each city is ranked based on the density of photographs taken around its center.

“This is a little unfair to aggressively polycentric cities like Tokyo and Los Angeles, which probably get lower placement than they really deserve because there are gaps where no one took any pictures,” he explains. “The central cluster of each map is not necessarily in the center of each image, because the image bounds are chosen to include as many geotagged locations as possible near the central cluster. All the maps are to the same scale, chosen to be just large enough for the central New York cluster to fit.”

New York City, which can be seen above, topped his list. Click through to find out how your other favorite cities stacked up.

#2. London

#3. Paris

#4. San Francisco

#11. Chicago

#47. Santa Monica/Western Los Angeles

[via MetaFilter]