10 Weird Ways to Wake Up in the Morning


Natalie Duckett, a British design student who attends the University of Dundee in Scotland, has created an alarm clock that imitates the sound of a woodpecker tapping upon a glass vase. Not exactly soothing, but it got us thinking: certainly there are even weirder ways to wake up in the morning than the sounds of a faux woodpecker. After much research (read YouTube searching), we found nine other hilarious clocks that we thought we should share with you.

1. The Woodpecker Alarm

2. Samurai Alarm Clock

3. Wallace and Gromit Cracking Alarm Clock

4. Rock N’ Roll Chicken Alarm Clock

5. Japanese Alarm Clock

6. Astro Boy Alarm Clock

7. Screeching Cat Alarm Clock

8. Pikachu Alarm Clock

9. Rocket Alarm Clock

10. Listening to Wham!