The 10 Links That Made Our Day


1. Orson Welles’ Drunk Outtakes for Paul Masson Wine Commercial [via Pursuitist] 2. Tea Party Poems: The found poetry of Sarah Palin [via Slate] 3. Soviet Hobbit illustrations [via Boing Boing] 4. Make Your Own Mondrian [via Kottke] 5. The Best “Bad Romance” Cover Video Ever [via Urlesque] 6. The Hierarchy Of Acceptable Pigtails [via Jezebel] 7. 500 Days of Summer: The Thriller [via BuzzFeed] 8. One 8-bit desk, please. [via The Daily What] 9. Would You Ever: Sleep On This Roller Coaster Bed? [via Buzznet] 10. The Most Famous Classroom In New York City [via SCOUTING NY