Mixtape: The 10 Best Songs About Coffee


It’s before noon on a Wednesday. There’s a good chance you’re not far from your next cup of coffee. Or from your last one. We’ve all become addicted to the delicious goodness and the caffeine high it generates with each delectable sip. It’s no surprise then that musicians have found a love of the deep black drink as well. Maybe it’s not as high on the songwriting subject list as sex or love or breakups or drugs, but some musicians have such passion for the drink that it has made for some tremendous tunes. Here, what we think are the best ones.

10. Johnny Cash – “A Cup of Coffee” We kick off the list with the legendary Man in Black singing about the delicious black goo and turning it into a little catch up session with his buddy Jack Elliot while hauling some grain down the highway. About midway through you realize that he shouldn’t be driving that semi, no matter how much coffee he drinks. ytaudio(dIEPYv2k8fc)

9. Kate Bush – “Coffee Homeground” Lionheart is an underrated classic, and this is one of our favorite songs off the album. The lyrics are sinister, and tune is oddly carnival-like — like something we imagine coming out of a German cabaret back in the ’30s. ytaudio(Vp0qi80AvZM)

8. Bob Marley – “One Cup of Coffee” As one of the first singles he ever released, “One Cup of Coffee” doesn’t really sound anything like what we came to know as Bob Marley. It’s upbeat, considering that it’s about divorce, but we suppose no one can be terribly depressed when they’re drinking some high octane, Jamaican coffee. ytaudio(he5Dv0tSr3Y)

7. Blur – “Coffee & TV” Truth be told Blur’s foray into crafting a java ode is a little deeper than most. Rather than just singing about their love of a drink, the band took the chance to make a statement. What they were trying to say, we’re not totally sure. ytaudio(6oqXVx3sBOk)

6. Beastie Boys – “Intergalactic” The best rap lyric about coffee? May we suggest: “When it comes to beats well I’m a fiend/I like my sugar with coffee and cream/Well I got to keep it going keep it going full steam.” ytaudio(GDS83yrM30Y)

5. Black Flag – “Black Coffee” Any coffee purist who takes his coffee black knows that it can have a soul of its own. The darkness could represent despair or depression; Henry Rollins seems to think it represents anger. Maye he just burnt his lip prior to slamming down the tune. ytaudio(a6yX02O_n_0)

4. The White Stripes – “One More Cup of Coffee” Is there anything Bob Dylan can’t write a song about? The man seems to have tackled every subject possible and has made each one wholly his own. Here, he’s using coffee as more of a measure for moments in life, but we can all relate to that, just like Meg and Jack do in this cover. ytaudio(DZfVbvSVUbw)

3. Cream – “The Coffee Song” What do Eric Clapton and coffee have in common? They both suck without Cream! This song does not suck, in fact it should be used in commercials for Dunkin’ or Starbucks or Folgers. Truly an ode devoted to sipping your hot coffee no matter what the time or occasion. ytaudio(vKOw7LOtBeU)

2. Frank Sinatra – “The Coffee Song” After hearing Frank Sinatra expunge on coffee and its prevalence in Brazil, you might think that it’s the only thing he knows about the South American nation. Old Blue Eyes sings ecstatically about the Brazilian blends and the girls that smell like fresh java, and he makes it sound amazing as Sinatra always does. ytaudio(vVGXcjM9SOQ)

1. The Descendents – “Coffee Mug” At just 35-seconds long The Descendents’ itty bitty ode to our favorite beverage may seem a little short for consideration, but the ramped up assault of this song perfectly captures the sugary rush we get every time we drink another cup. “I don’t need no booze or drugs/I just chug-a-lug o’ my coffee mug,” sings Milo Aukerman. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more. ytaudio(aGzgwbnB7eM)

Bonus video: Dave Grohl in “Fresh Pots”

So, what’s your favorite song about coffee?